Constancy and reliability

Since 1964, we have been manufacturing box springs sold across Canada. Our bed frames are made from the finest selection of wood from Quebec with durability that exceeds market standards. Our expertise allows us to be competitive while delivering every time.

We control the whole process of manufacturing the bed frames. Our manufacturing processes starts with the choice of materials that are the result of a superior quality that ensures a product that meets precisely your required specifications.

Our specially designed machinery and our team of experts allow us to produce your bed frames according to your specifications with incomparable consistency. We can create custom bed frames for orders that exceed market standards.

Always on time

R. Tessier & Fils has built its reputation on the quality of our bed frames and its ability to produce within your deadlines. The company is able to fulfill orders with tight deadlines to meet the realities of the market.

Expertise that will exceed your requirements.

Sustainable development

We also pay alot of attention to the quality of the products used. That’s why we carefully choose materials that will be used to make our bed frames. We also encourage local businesses. Because the protection of the environment and our forests is important to us, we buy only the necessary wood for our boxes, and from Quebec forests.